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SpriteStack is a voxel editor suited for 2D artists featuring hand crafted retro renderer with animation support. It exports spritesheets, slices and vox models.


Editor is based on spritestacking technique which means drawing a model slice by slice.


Keyframe oriented animation is still experimental but you can already achieve nice results.


Handcrafted exporter is what really makes it stand out. It provides interesting retro styled renders with customizable options. It can output spritesheets, slices and *.vox files.

Magica Voxel

If you don't feel comfortable with the editor you can import your models from Magica Voxel and use my juicy renderer.

Updated 7 days ago
Published 9 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Tags3D, Pixel Art, sprites, Voxel


Buy Now
On Sale!
34% Off
$30.00 $19.80 USD or more

In order to download this tool you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $19.80 USD. You will get access to the following files:

spritestack-win64.zip 153 MB
spritestack-osx64.zip 374 MB
spritestack-linux64.zip 149 MB

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Is there any sort of demo/trial version so I can get a feel for the workflow?

Sure. https://spritestack.io/ Just click NEW SPRITE or ONLINE button :)

Thanks! I tried it and it seems really intuitive. I made a tiny flower.

The one thing I can't figure out, is how do I add a keyframe?

Insert frames (using buttons at bottom) move to desired frame with WSAD and then just rotate or move something clicking one of the axes. Keyframes are automatic.

I've purchased it but I still can't upload to the gallery because it pay-gates me. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi. Uploading to gallery requires a free patreon account. You don't have to pledge anything. Try going straight to uploader https://spritestack.io/uploader/ - let me know if it works for you.

it looks fantastic, i'll wait for a tutorial to decide if i buy it tho, not sure i would manage to do something out of it.

Here is the old one if it helps https://spritestack.io/editor/help/#the-basics

Hello. I am working with an Engine called "Intersect MMO Engine" to create an EarthBound MMO Fangame. Now. I've been thinking of putting my own designs in the game instead of ripping some sprites and adding my own flair on top. Could this be of use to me if I was just creating a 2D top-down game? If not what would you suggest I could use? Intersect is an MMO based fork of the older RPG Makers.


hey, i dont know about SpriteStack because i personally dont own it (yet) but if you are looking to make 2d sprites, i would recommend you a program called Aseprite.

Yes it is possible, but if you want exactly earthbound style it would be easier to make in a 2D editor like Aseprite. Pretty much what @Acrontoff said.

Love this app!! 

I am glad you found it useful :)

Love it, would it be possible to have a toggle to turn off spinning animation in the exporter. I'd be nice to see what the export will be like but kind of hard to do that when it's constantly rotating :)


i want to use this to make sprites for a 2d fighting game project i have in mind, but the rotation does give me more sprites than needed.

it would be better if you are allowed to control the camera angles freely like in the animator, or the 3d preview in the modeller,  so you can define one specific view to export all your sprites/animations.

Also, is normal than the export stretches the models upward?


Ahoy. Thank you. Finishing the forum to track issues right now. 

I will add  custom angle and way to disable rotation.

Yes you are right it stretches models to compensate between sprite stacking technique and voxel display. I will add option to keep original scale as well. Thank you for patience.


Thanks. Yeah sure I will add option for freehand rotation.

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Love it! 

Only 1 issue so far: I want to add my own custom palette. (Render)

Hope you can make it happen!

I will provide custom palettes with the next major release. A little bit patience please :)

Sure thing! Don't rush it :D I know this was released just a few days ago.

This is absolutely awesome!

Here are my suggestions for features too

  1. copy/paste and selection
  2. extrude whole layer, extrude downward
  3. custom palettes?
  4. brush sizes

Amazing! So happy you released this!

I have two "issues":

1- In the editor preview (bottom right), is there a way to make it rotate automaticaly?

2- On animation mode, if I change the view, is there away to go back to isometric view? 

I'm in the Linux version, in case it's useful info.


Ahoy.  The anwser to both questions is that I will add requested features in the next release - mean like a day or two.  Thanks for feedback. I am on linux too :)

Shut up and take my money instantly

With pleasure!


my mind is melting with the possibilities

Same. Unfortunately I can't work on games since people want updates now :)

Really cool tool. Dunno what you've got planned, but a way to export surface normals would be good. Have you considered some kind of integration- like a plugin- with aseprite?

i second this

Can you post the list of hotkeys on this page? I am unable to see it in the online app pressing H , I try it on Firefox and Opera, it didnt work. Thanks mate! great great work! 

 the H for hotkeys dont work also on the standalone version.


Hi. Thank you! I will add a full hotkeys list with the next release (very soon). Most of them are discoverable by hovering over all the buttons around the place.

On the Mac version, unable to export to sprites. "This option available in the full version. Become a patron or buy a desktop version."

Could you press F12 and provide a screenshot from the console? There is probably some error that blocks the unlocking process. Does the editor work fine beside that?

It's working normally now, I'll post a screenshot if it starts happening again. Thanks! :)