SpriteStack Update 3.20 - Sphere brush.

Ahoy everyone!

Below you can find a changelog of improvements since version 3 has been released. Today is the biggest minor release that among other things lets you paint in fake 3d view and use sphere tool as eraser shape that you can use for easy creation of moons or asteroids.

3.20 | 30-07-2019

[+] Sphere tool can erase pixels
[+] Brush tool invokes pseudo 3D mode
[+] Brush size for pen and brush tool
[+] Lock transparency (ignore transparent pixels while drawing)
[+] Coordinates displayed as absolute and relative to center

3.13 | 29-07-2019

[%] Fixed inability to render GIF after opening existing project

3.12 | 28-07-2019

[%] Fixed drawing when middle mouse button is pressed for some tools
[%] Fixed background selection for 4xGIF

3.11 | 26-07-2019

[%] Quick fix for opening palettes and slicesheets on desktop

3.10 | 26-07-2019

[+] Sphere drawing tool
[+] Import palette from PNG
[+] Import slicesheet
[+] Improved BG button in exporter
[+] Export transparent GIF
[+] Transparent GIF dithered shadow


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Version 3.20 24 days ago
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Version 3.20 24 days ago
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Version 3.20 24 days ago

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