Upcoming Update / 2019

Ahoy there. I have just realized that most of you might not follow me on twitter/rezoner where I post updates almost every day and from your perspective app may look abandoned which is as far from truth as possible.

For the last 3 months I have been working on a HUGE update that will improve a lot of things and overall workflow. I won't list all the changes but a few game changing features.

1. The heart of studio is now the animator/composer window where you can manage scenes and put multiple objects instead of one spritestack.

2. Asset library will let you build up your workshop with reusable parts that you may drag and drop on the project to speed up your creative process.

All spritestack patrons active at the update release day will receive TREE ASSET PACK featured in this video.

3. Animation panel has been reworked from the ground and it's now one of the more pleasant animation approaches I've personally every used.

There are also tons of minor changes that I will go through on the launch day.

Please forgive me that I am not very active on forum but it's really a daunting task for one man - especially a father of two. I've decided that it's better if I put my time in development although rest assured that I've read EVERY single post and bug report and I will approach it sooner or later.

Thank you for supporting my work.

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Will there be an update  on soccer.instantonline.io? If so, please update it.

I'm really excited by that folder/sprite system to combine pieces. It reminds me of Asset Forge and that's lovely. Just imagine sharing collections with other people!


Thanks, I am also excited. Can't wait to see how people are going to use it.

Oh, yeah and sweet Paras. One of my faves since I really love mushrooms and cordyceps and all weirdness of the fungal kingdom. I just caught one in Pokemon Go today.

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