SpriteStack 2021 Status Update

Ahoy everyone. As for many 2020 was quite harsh on me and I couldn't work as much as I wanted to - despite of that I've been slowly pushing SpriteStack forward and I would like to give you an update on upcoming features.


You can have limited number of materials in SpriteStack and assign them to color index. Each palette can have separate assignments. SpriteStack supports multiple simultaneous palettes in one project so you don't have to worry about color matching when  importing resources.


Spritesheets are first class citizens in SpriteStack. They can be transformed in 3 dimensions as well as animated in a sophisticated way. There tons of uses for them - one would be using it as an animated part of the wall like in the video below.


Users can build a library of objects to reuse them between projects. Just drag and drop objects on the scene.

New renderer

The most pleasant part is of course toying with visual effects. There are plenty of new sliders in a new accessible menu.

Animation system

SpriteStack uses unique approach that is a mix of well known keyframe based approach with a grid based display. Things like constant rotation and animation loops can be achieved with ease - without bending curves in a graph editor. You can also see a glimpse of the particle system in the making.


Now that things are semi ok for me again I gonna need a couple more months to get it all finished. It mainly depends on getting enough funding to work solely on SpriteStack. If you want to help me out buy a current copy that will be updated in the future or become a patron.

For more detailed explanation of upcoming features visit the official website

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Thank you. 

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I'm stoked for upcoming features. Your work is exceptional, Rezoner! I bought current SpriteStack to support future development & your well being man :) Cheers

Very eagerly waiting for this!

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This is all looking very good.