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I am struggling with this are there any tutorials or a PDF with instructions on how to use this? I found a tutorial YouTube but it is 3years old. Also the site doesn't seem to be working as I keep getting a connection timeout error from  showing has an error.

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Just picked this up, really enjoying it so far, feels far more intuitive than other voxel editor software IMO! Really looking forward to the new version, and subbed to the Patreon - keep up the awesome work!

Heya. Bought this earlier this year, never really spoke up about this until now. There's a pretty big visual glitch with the editor. It flickers in/out whenever I change my cursor position in the viewport. Not too sure if there's a patch soon(tm) that'll fix this?

Rezoner is working on a completely new version. I think the one available to download is abandoned. More info on SpriteStack discord.

What happened to the Steam keys? Not seeing it in the downloads.

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Lemme check. Maybe I need to add new ones.

edit: It says I still have 66 keys on Itch, but I have asked for new ones so maybe that solves a problem. However it can take up to a few days.

Welp, I've waited about two weeks and there still isn't an option to claim a Steam key on the download page. Did something go screwy because I purchased during a sale?

Email me and I will send you the key manually - rezoner1337 / gmail

Thank you very much for that.


I read a lot about it being an abandonned project. But I can see in the devlog that it's not, he's made an article on the his patreon as well to show the progress. So I believe it's still on track. I'm downloading it right now, can't wait to give it a try!


Hi, thanks. Yes I had a rough time and went a little overboard with the scope but never stopped to work on it :) Just please take a note that my recent showreels are not released yet and you are still getting this 2 years old version. I recognize your name by the way - I am using your mech models for testing purposes.

Oh Really? That's an honor for me :). I'm looking forward to see the net update, keep up the great job!


Dude awesome to hear this isn't dead! Hope the broken things are fixed soon and the software continues to grow, it has a crazy amount of potential. Cheers!


Apex Wingman



The creator has seemingly abandoned this product. I advise you to go with MagicaVoxel or the much more difficult to learn Qubicle. 

The button for exporting to .VOX is broken, it just does absolutely nothing. Exporting sprite sheets is almost non-configurable in regards to changing desired formatting for importation into Gamemaker or other software. A cool piece of software but unfortunately the creator has abandoned whatever potential it had.

How to get .VOX export:

1. Install from app

2. Click the options button right of launch and click "manage"

3. Click "Switch to another version" and choose 3.21.  That's the last version it worked on before it broke.


Unfortunately not working in MacOS 11.0.1 (Big Sur). Requires notarization.

Does this program still recieve updates? I want to buy it with the bundle but i'm afraid it turns a waste when i can use the web version for free :/

pls anyone help it seems the dev won't/can't answer

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The last update to the Steam version at least was 24/09/19. There's a forum post where the dev replied to similar concerns on Jan 2021 to say its not dead. Seems there have been difficulties of some kind and the project is still going to be maintained, though it read to me at least that it may be a long time coming.

I'd recommend grabbing it as it is good for what is here, its just lacking a lot of quality of life tools and options.

Hope this helps.

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An amazing tool.

It seems like the gif export gets cut off, is there a way to change this?


Cool program, but the export .vox file button is broken, and appears to have been broken for some time. Are there any newer fixed versions floating around somewhere?

someone in an older comment said running the program as administrator fixes the export. could you let me know if that works? I'm interested in buying this

Sadly run as administrator doesn't fix it

F. thanks so much for responding. the devs twitter's hasn't posted in like a year 


Expensive but worth it (I didnt buy it cuz im broke but If I could I would)

It’s in a bundle at the moment!

im still to broke

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Vox export does not work on Version 3.24 in windows. 

Can you please at least add an option to download an older version of spritestack where the .vox export function is still working on


Did you ever find an older version? I'm in the same boat

an older comment says they fixed this by running the program as administrator. could you let me know if that works, I'm interested in buying thi

You can use the itchio desktop app to download older versions of this app. Vox export works on version 3.21



I was wondering if it's somehow possible to change the colours via hex values or maybe import a colour pallet. We are trying to use it for a project and not being able to use exact coluors is creating a tedious workflow of exporting -> importing into aseprite -> changing colours into intended colours on aseprite.

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@rezoner, Sorry to have to comment on this board but I cannot find contact information for you.

I purchased the software and it will not save or export any work. Can you please refund the money I spent purchasing the product?


UPDATE: So I seem to have gotten the export working. Key is you have to run as administrator.

Hi, I was wondering if we could get version 3.21 added to the downloads page? Love the program. Some features I needed/used a year ago like .vox export and import aren't working in the latest version.

Hope you're doing well and staying safe.


Hello! Is spritestack abandoned? It's been quite a long time without news and it'd be a real shame, specially considering the upcoming update. 


sorry for asking, but when is the new version gonna release?

is the preview on the desktop program supposed to be so laggy? runnin on 1080 GTX 20 gb ram. clicked on 64 and it still seems to spin at less than 30 fps


The function to export .vox file does not work.

v3.21 was the last version it worked in

I want to know how to use the renderer in the game? I like the style very much and you mentioned the renderer and I'm using godot to develop my game, so how to make this effect in the 3d game scene? I just have some experiences in writing the shader script of Opengl ES.

Deleted 2 years ago

Hiya, sorry to hear that.
Does the online version works for you ?

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As an intermediate solution please create a FREE patreon account and let me know your username. I will unlock the online version for you. Sorry but that's the only thing I can do until the next release.

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Deleted 2 years ago
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As rude as this answer is - No. :D

I mean it's so huge any estimation I make gets delayed. For sure earlier than April 2020.

ps: I have unlocked browser based spritestack version for your patreon account. It may take a while for the system to recache users.

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