Instant Online Soccer is a multiplayer soccer game that you can play solo or with friends. Learn the special moves to control the ball. In this game timing is everything - driving the ball makes you slower so it's always a good idea to pass it to a teammate.

Here is the list of special moves:

1. Control your direction with a mouse.

2. Left click to move Right click to run

3. If you don't have a ball use A and D to quickly strafe to the sides

4. If you DO have a ball use A and D to pass the ball to your side and S to pass it behind your back

5. Use W to slide and capture enemy ball  - if two sliding players collide - the one that has began sliding later wins the duel.

6. Use SPACE to perform a strong and straight kick.

7. Press E to grab your teammates attention (for example to tell them to pass the ball to you)

Don't forget to stay in defense if needed. Don't worry about the goals - the whole team gets the score so you don't necessary have to be the striker.


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Please add a tournament.

When will you update the game again? Please update this game, It's really fun but it need more good update.